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The APC European Internet Rights Project

The Rapid Response Network


APC aims to ensure that rights of expression, communication, association and protest on the Internet are protected. To enable people and organisations to use information and communications technologies for social justice and equality.

We are concerned about trends that are developing which threaten these rights.

As one response, some APC members and others we work with, have decided to act as a "Rapid Response Network" (RRN). Members of this network have the ability to rapidly mirror a threatened website throughout the world, and raise awareness about the issues involved. APC generally defends threatened material that is consistent with our mission and charter.

For the full details of the Rapid Response Network, click here

The Legal RRN

The Rapid Response Network is a technological solution to the threat to content on the Internet. However, there is another option - developing a legal strategy for threatened content.

As part of the European project, a network of lawyers and law academics with an interest in Internet rights was set up. This network has been working to develop information to assist the protection of online content. It also provide a network of contacts who may be able to give advice of the implications of new laws that impact the use of the Internet.

For a full review of the APC Internet Law Network, read the project report.

This page was last updated 8th May 2002