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The APC European Internet Rights Project

Special Reports and Projects

This page contains the results of special research projects carried out as part of the APC European Civil Society Internet Rights Projects. These reports are grouped under the following headings:

Internet Censorship Case Studies

These are a series of reports looking at the ways in which attempts have been made to restrict free speech and dialogue via the Internet.

Biwater Plc (UK)

Bulgaria ISOC — The Internet Society (ISOC) in Bulgaria

Anti-$cientology (UK)

Radio B92 and OpenNet (Yugoslavia)

Euskal Herria Journal (Spain)

Telecoms Ownership in the Balkans

The change of governments following the end of the Cold War have led to great change in all the former Communist states within the Balkans. A significant issues relating to Internet rights has been the liberalisation of telecommunications. This has led to the purchase of major telecommunications operators in Balkan states by communications companies from other countries.

This is a developing issue, with new information emerging all the time. However, it is clear that the improvements to services brought about by telecommunications liberalisation in western Europe are being replicated in Balkan states.

For further information see the following special report:

Greek Investment in Balkans Telecommunications - A report looking at the takeover of telecommunications systems within the companies by the Greek company Hellenic Telecommunications (OTE). This report looks at the spread of OTE's influence in Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Ukraine and Yugoslavia.

This page was last updated 8th May 2002